About Us

You might like to know a little about Poseidon Workshop,our business philosophy,history and services.

Our Business Philosophy

We believe that,what a customers buys must be of the best quality,unique and at the same time to know all about it- it's historical background-so as to apreciate it and feel satisfied with it.

Our Company

Our business is a small family-run one set up in 1976.Our love for chess and the Greek history led us to produse totally hand made,chemically oxydised,cast-bronze chess sets and statues covered in metal varnish.
Of cource we do not only sell chess sets but also a variety of other pieces of art,most of them identical copies of ancient items found in the museums.

Our Servises

We not only sell the goods on the spot but we also undertake to ship anything you like all over the world with quaranteed delivery.
More over we co-operate with shops around the world and provide them with any goods of our production.We can provide you with a list of the items and their prices at your request.

making the men of the chess sets

Dimitris Georgaras working on the wheel.

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