Delphi "the Home of God Apollo",is a beautiful hill village five hundrend meters above the sea.The panoramic view as you are standing at the top,is one of great splendour.The village,the olive trees and the sea in the distant background,are spread out before you.As you walk to the Castalia Spring you can see,on your left the Temple of Apollo and above it the ancient Theatre and the Stadium among the pine trees.When you reach the Castalian Spring,with the lion head carved on the rock,you can see the caves where the water comes through from Mount Parnassos.On the right of the spring,below the street there is the Temple of Goddess Athena and the Gymnasium surrounded by olive trees.
Inside the village the houses are closely arranged to each other,while the narrow streets run parallel along the side of the hill,linked up and down by lains or steps.
Along the two main streets there is the market where you can find not only restaurants,hotels and gift shops but the Town Hall,Banks,a post office and other services.It is in one of the main streets-20 Apollonos str-where you can find our shop easily recognisable from the chess sets dominating the best part of the shop.
Delphi is not only to be visited during summer but also at winter time.Something that very few know is that during winter you can enjoy skiing at the wonderful slopes of mount Parnassos or trekking along the famous E4 path.

panoramic view


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